We are ISO 14001:2015 certified and maintain an effective Environmental Management System according to the international standards. Our production process is adapted to “environmentally and ecologically friendly” working methods, with careful selection of chemicals and dyes which are free from PCP, Prohibitive Amines in AZO dyes, Chrome VI Etc Etc.
We have independent primary treatment plant and chrome recovery, where the chrome is recycled and reused, reducing
the pollution in the effluent.
“We ensure that human and financial resources needed for the implementation of our environmental policy are achieved for which we constantly examine the improvements of our targets.”
Hafeez Shafi Tannery is committed in training and communicating with all its employees, contractors to ensure a common goal towards environmental impact by involving them in their safety and protecting the environment.
With our continually reviewed working practices, we aim to stay ahead of forthcoming legislation.